Is  your enterprise prepared for the future?

Find out with our Digital Maturity Assessment Tool (DMAT)

Only 20% executives believe that their talent has the right skill sets needed to succeed in the tech-driven, modern work environment. About 31% executives aren’t even sure what the enhanced skill sets need to be.

One of the reasons is that the business leaders embark on their digitalization journey without understanding where they stand on the digital maturity pyramid.

Why take the Digital Maturity Assessment?

The Digital Maturity Assessment Tool is a comprehensive diagnostic tool that helps organizations assess and benchmark the digital maturity of their workforce. It lays the foundation for successful digital transformation, by providing a clear roadmap and insights to upskill your workforce in line with your digital ambitions.

What you will be assessed on?

We will assesses your workforce based on three core Digital Capabilities competencies.

Digital Proficiency and Mindset 

A Digital-First & Learning Mindset for building & running systems and operations

Application of Data & Digital Technologies

Set of technologies which enable digital strategies, systems and business transformation

Usage of Digital Processes

Processes which are needed to implement internal digitalization. They help reimagine business processes, which enable taking maximum advantage of digital revolution

How digitally mature your company is?

Find out in 3 easy steps


Spend less that 15 mins answering the questions about your organizations Digital competencies.


Upon completion, you will get the summary of your responses which measures the current state of your digital maturity


Get a detailed report with more granular insights and a proposed Capability building roadmap